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CESI Student Loan Service

Consumer Services
  • 3700 Barrett Drive
  • Raleigh, NC
  • 27609
  • (877) 829-0851

Who are we?

CESI Student Loan Solutions provides non profit counseling to assist borrowers with navigating the complex world of Federal and Private Student Loans. CESI teaches clients strategies to pay off student debt faster, how to negotiate with lenders for better repayment terms, pros and cons of various repayment options, and consolidating payments into one lower monthly payment to help bring your student loan relief., , Our Certified Counselors will help you identify the best student loan solution for your unique situation and guide you through the mountain of confusing repayment plans. We do much more than simply prepare a form we will examine your entire financial picture, create a customized action plan specifically for you, advise you on the best short term and long term solutions, and help you make the most informed, sensible decision for your situation.

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3700 Barrett Drive
Raleigh NC 27609
(877) 829-0851