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Buncombe County Probate Court, NC General Courts of Justice

Criminal Justice and Legal Services
  • 60 Court Plaza Room 210
  • Asheville, NC
  • 28801
  • (828) 259-3404

Who are we?

Located on the second floor (room 210) of the Court House. The Estates Division handles probate and guardianship only. The Estates and Probate Office has the necessary forms to qualify an executor or administrator of the estate after a person's death. The office cannot answer legal questions, give legal advice or assist in filling out the forms., , Some general guidelines:, Keep accurate records and file accurate accounts. Consult an attorney if necessary, especially regarding the disbursement of any funds and regarding federal and state taxes payable by the estate. Court costs and fees must be paid to the Clerk of Superior Court. You will be informed about the amounts by the Estates office., , Call first to make an appointment.

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60 Court Plaza Room 210
Asheville NC 28801
(828) 259-3404