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American Sexual Health Association

Criminal Justice and Legal Services
  • 1005 Slater Road 1st Floor
  • Durham, NC
  • 27703
  • (919) 361-8400

Who are we?

ASHA believes that sexual health includes far more than avoiding disease or unplanned pregnancy. We also believe that having a sexually tramsmitted infection or unwanted pregnancy does not prevent someone from being or becoming a sexually healthy. We hope you will explore our site to learn more about some other ways to actively engage in your own sexual health., , Being Sexually Health means understanding that sexuality is a natural part of life and involves more than sexual behavior. Recognizing and respecting the sexual rights we all share. Having access to sexual health information, education, and care. Making an effort to prevent unintended pregnancies and STD's and seek care and treatment needed. Being able to experience sexual pleasure, satisfaction, and intimacy when desired. Being able to communicate about sexual health with others including sexual partners and healthcare providers., , Areas of Interest Herpes, HPV, HIV/AIDS, Vaccine Information, STD/STI, Healthcare Providers, Women's Health, Gay and Lesbian Health, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Sexual Assault and Advocacy, Minority Health and Adolescents Teens Information.

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1005 Slater Road 1st Floor
Durham NC 27703
(919) 361-8400