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Adult Services, Lee County Department of Social Services

Basic Needs
  • 530 Carthage Street
  • Sanford, NC
  • 27330
  • (919) 718-4690

Who are we?

State-County Special Assistance for Adults- A cash supplement to help low-income adults residing in adult care homes (such as rest homes) pay for their care. Adult care homes are unlike nursing homes in that medical care is not provided by home staff. Designated staff may administer medications and provide personal care services such as assistance with bathing, eating, and dressing., , Crisis Intervention Program- This program is for low-income households in a heating or cooling-related life threatening emergency. This program has limited funding and normally runs during the fall and winter unless there is a presidential declaration due to heat related deaths during the summer., , Low Income Energy Assistance Program- This program provides once a year payment to low-income households to help with the cost of heating. Applications are usually taken in late October or early November; checks are issued in February based on the type of heating source, the household's income, and the area of the state the applicant lives in., , Energy Neighbor Energy and CEMC Project Share- This program is for households in a heating or cooling related emergency when service is provided by Energy Neighbor and Central Electric Membership Corporation. These programs have income limits and authorization is based on funding availability., , Jim Garner Fuel Fund for the Elderly- A program run strictly on contributions from the community. These funds are used to provide heating or cooling for the elderly that are living on fixed incomes. The program is expanded, when contributions allow, to assist this same elderly group with prescriptions., , Adult Services- Services including In-Home Aide Services, Home Management services, long term care, Adult Day Care (day care for adults) Nursing and Adult Care Home Placement, respite services, case management for adults at risk for abuse, neglect, or exploitation, adult protective services, Adult Care Home case management for those individuals in area facilities requiring enhanced care and supervising/monitoring adult care homes/family care homes under the licensure rules and regulations of the Division of Facility Services. Provide guardianship services for individuals found incompetent and there is no family or individual capable, suitable, or willing to serve.

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530 Carthage Street
Sanford NC 27330
(919) 718-4690