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Adult Medicaid - Asheboro

Income Support and Employment
  • 1512 N Fayetteville Street
  • Asheboro, NC
  • 27203
  • (336) 683-8071

Who are we?

Provides Medicaid eligibility and caseworker services to adults. This is a governmentally administered program of health insurance for disabled and elderly adults who meet income and asset guidelines. Those qualified receive a Medicaid ID Card which is presented to medical providers accepting Medicaid. In most cases the individual pays a small co-payment and Medicaid covers the balance of charges incurred on a given date of service, e.g., physician visits, out patient tests, and prescription drugs. For those eligible, Medicaid provides coverage in private residential settings, groups homes, and long-term care

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1512 N Fayetteville Street
Asheboro NC 27203
(336) 683-8071