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Adult Health Screening Clinic, Jackson County Health Department

Health Care
  • 538 Scotts Creek Road Suite 100
  • Sylva, NC
  • 28779
  • (828) 586-8994

Who are we?

The Adult Health Screening Clinic is available to anyone 18 years of age and older who has already established a relationship with a physician, The clinic involves two seperate components, a comprehensive screening and a physical exam. A detailed history, blood pressure, height, and weight are taken for both clinics. Patients are offered flu and pneumonia vaccine, a TB Skin test and a tetanus booster., A physical exam includes a skin exam, oral exam and a rectal exam if age appropriate for all patients. Women receive a breast and pelvic exam with a PAP Smear, while men receive a rectal and prostate exam. Lab work includes a urinalysis and hemoglobin., The comprehensive clinic includes a EKG, and a vision and hearing screening. Lab work includes a panel of blood tests which screen for many different problems or conditions and a urinalysis and a complete blood count. Also, patients are asked to complete a personal Wellness Profile either by mail or at their appointment time. This generates a Wellness Profile the patient can use to make changes to their lifestyles, if needed.

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538 Scotts Creek Road Suite 100
Sylva NC 28779
(828) 586-8994