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Adult Developmental Vocational Program

  • Durham Exchange Club Industries 1717 Lawson Street
  • Durham, NC
  • 27703
  • (919) 596-1341

Who are we?

A long term program for persons with substantial developmental disabilities. Individuals must qualify for the program according to their level of functioning as determined by the NC Division of Mental Health. A prime requisite of the SEP program is that the client demonstrate that he or she is motivated to move beyond the sheltered setting, and to take a job in competitive industry., , DECI has several full time professional ADVP case managers who design and monitor progress plans with and for their disabled client workers. The clients themselves take an active part in the design of their vocational progress plan. A typical plan might include goals such as increasing accuracy and output of work, improving self help skills or improving social and communication skills. Case managers closely review the client's progress. The review will show whether the client has reached his or her goals and can aim higher, or whether they should continue to work on the same goals, perhaps in another setting or with different instruction. In come cases, the review will demonstrate that the client is ready to be placed in a community job. Case managers also keep in close contact with production supervisors, who can provide valuable input regarding client performance and progress.

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Durham Exchange Club Industries 1717 Lawson Street
Durham NC 27703
(919) 596-1341