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Administration, City of Lincolnton

Criminal Justice and Legal Services
  • 114 W Sycamore Street
  • Lincolnton, NC
  • 28092
  • (704) 736-8980

Who are we?

The planning, organizing and directing of City operations are all included in Administration. Below you will find a list of those responsible for the operation and service delivery of all the major departments in the City:, , ​City Manager:, The City Manager serves as the City's Chief Administrative Officer. He is responsible for implementing the policies of the City Council, directing business and administrative procedures, and appointing departmental officers., , City Attorney:, It is the duty of the City Attorney to prosecute and defend suits against the City; advise the Mayor,City Council and other City officials with respect to the affairs of the City; draft all legal documents and proposed ordinances relating to the affairs of the City; inspect and pass upon all agreements, contracts, franchises and other instruments with which the City may be concerned; attend all meetings of the City Council when required by the Board; and perform such other duties as may be required of him by virtue of his position as City Attorney., , City Clerk:, The City Clerk is appointed by the City Manager to keep a journal of the proceedings of the City Council, maintain all records and documents pertaining to the affairs of the City, and perform such other duties as may be required by law or as the City Council may direct., , ​Administrative Support Specialist:, Performs a variety of secretarial, clerical, or office support duties in a department, division, or other organizational unit of the City.

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114 W Sycamore Street
Lincolnton NC 28092
(704) 736-8980