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ABC of NC Child Development Center

Health Care
  • 3904 Old Vineyard Road
  • Winston Salem, NC
  • 27109
  • (336) 251-1180

Who are we?

ABC of NC is a private, not-for-profit, research-based provider of educational services for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The ABC of NC philosophy is to teach children basic skills by creating an environment that motivates them to communicate and play with their teachers and then to transfer these skills as soon as possible to peers, siblings and other adults in less restrictive settings. ABC of NC offers services to children as soon as possible after diagnosis with ASD. ABC of NC uses a variety of evidence-based educational techniques within a caring environment to help children develop their full potential., , ABC of NC’s unique approach includes a balanced and developmentally-appropriate program that covers communication, play, social, self-help and academic skills. All intervention activities, including social skills, are data-based. These data are used to revise and redesign programs as needed to ensure each child’s continued progress. The ABC of NC team is unparalleled in enthusiasm and expertise and is dedicated to the highest standards of education in order to provide the best outcomes for its students.

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3904 Old Vineyard Road
Winston Salem NC 27109
(336) 251-1180